Chief Operations Officer (COO) -  Fred C. Bassett

Fred is a retired Information Technology / Data Processing professional.  He had a 32-year career in this field serving in leadership roles working for American Airlines, Sabre Holdings and EDS.  Fred led multiple major projects during his IT career as both a leader and a project manager, including projects involving corporate-wide global scope with project teams in excess of 100 staff.  


Additionally Fred has small business entrepreneurial experience, starting his own construction company called Tulsa Envelope Homes in 1978.  They built an innovative style passive solar type home and were successful for a period of 4 years before dissolving the company and turning it over to one of the partners.  Fred was the founder and President of this company.


Fred is also a world renowned professional Dog Show Judge, and has been judging shows since 1977 including such famous events as the Westminster Kennel Club, the AKC/Eukanuba National Dog Show, and the National Dog Show in Philadelphia.  He has judged in all 50 US States including Alaska and Hawaii, and has also judged in many other parts of the world including Canada and Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Columbia, Brazil, and all parts of Asia including the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Mainland China.